About us

Peer Plaut Media Holdings, LLC is a consolidation of brands accumulated and marketed over the years by founder Peer L. Plaut


  • Peer Plaut registered his first domain name, baldmen.com November 1997. His mother called asking for Christmas present ideas. At age 36, and losing his hair, Peer suggested a slumber cap to keep his head warm in the chilly winter nights. At a loss, his mother asked where in the world she would find a slumber cap featured in The Night Before Christmas. Peer suggested after they hang up, simply go to www.baldmen.com and order the cap. His mother had no idea how to order something online and suggested they hang up (pre-cellphone days) dial into the internet (pre-broadband days) and order the cap and she would reimburse him. As the dial-up modem crackled to life, baldmen.com never came up as a domain.  Peer went to his office the coming Monday morning instructing his assistant, that if nothing else were accomplished that day, she was to figure out how and register the domain name. 
  • The dot-bomb of the early 2000s came and went. Life got in the way. Peer continued to accumulate ideas and accumulate domain names over the years waiting for internet shopping to stabilize and become popular. That time has arrived. .
  • Peer has been involved, as an adult, in various technology business opportunities since September 14th, 1990 founding his first company Greensboro Computer Clinic.
  • Frustrated with cumbersome online shopping Peer shelved all online efforts in 2001. Consolidating all brands under the Peer Plaut Media Holdings, LLC umbrella this online shop was started.
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